MS 120 LC/MS Roughing Pump

MS 120 is a roughing (foreline) pump of choice for LC/MS instruments, designed for high pumping speed, low power consumption, and high stability in the 10-2 mbar pressure range

Due to the outstanding performance of this roughing pump, there is no need for multiple roughing pumps operating in parallel. The packaging and cart like design allow for a quick and easy installation. The pump is equipped with a built-in quiet cover for a silent operation.

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  • High pumping capacity - single package replacing two legacy oil pumps
  • Integrated quiet cover for silent operation, optimal cooling and reduced installation time
  • Inverter-driven motor allows speed and pressure adjustment, and reduced power consumption
  • Up to 1 year 24/7 operation without oil maintenance
  • Cart-like design reduces installation and maintenance time


Feature Unit of measure Value
Nominal speed (at 1500 rpm) (according to PNEUROP standard 6602) m3/h [cfm] 156 [92]
Effective capacity at 5 mbar abs. (3.75torr) m3/h [cfm] ≥120 [≥71]
Ultimate total pressure with gas ballast valve open mbar [torr] ≤0.2 [≤0.150]
Ultimate total pressure with gas ballast valve closed mbar [torr] ≤0.07 [≤0.0525]
Oil capacity L [Gal US] 1.8 [0.47]
Motor power (temperatures up to 40°C and altitudes lower than 1000m) kW [Hp] 1.8 [2.4]
Nominal input voltage and frequency (~1ph) V 200 – 240
Hz 50 – 60
Internal main fuse (T type) A 15
Touch current mA 3.0 maximum
Operating temperature range °C [°F] +12 to +35
[+54 to +95]
Sound pressure level (at 50Hz without gas ballast valve dB(A) 60±1
Water vapour tolerance mbar [torr] 15 [11.25]
Water vapour pumping capacity kg/h [lbs/h] 1 [2.2]
Inlet flange ISO KF DN40
Outlet flange ISO KF DN25
Main Dimensions
– width mm [inch] 516 [20.3]
– length mm [inch] 750 [29.5]
– height mm [inch] 539 [21.2]
Total weight kg [lbs] 100 [220
IP value 20
Installation category II
Pollution degree 2
Max altitude m 2000



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