HLD PR02 Portable Helium Leak Detector

The Agilent HLD PR02 Leak Detector uses a mass spectrometer tuned to detect helium, which is used as a tracer gas to locate and/or measure very small leaks in enclosed devices or systems. The compact and portable HLD PR02 is both a precise instrument and a robust workhorse, featuring an easy-to-use touch screen interface and menu structure that quickly connect users to powerful leak detection capabilities. Built-in application setups shorten test cycles, and setups can be saved to assure repeatability. It fits easily on a table, bench, or cart. The enclosed primary vacuum pump is the Agilent DS 40M rotary vane pump, with a pumping speed of 2 m3/hour.

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  • Six different application set up guides helps you correctly configure your instrument for the best performance, ensuring that parameters are properly set for a thorough and efficient test.
  • Larger, more durable, more responsive touch screen interface rotates 180° for ideal viewing.
  • Cleaner, more intuitive user interface. Immediate access to often used features and a flat menu structure allows you to quickly find the setting you need.
  • Startup wizard helps user set up the instrument on first-time power up.
  • Enhanced charting capabilities: Zoom for closer inspection of data, color-coded set points, time-based plot records leak rate and pressure.
  • A large work surface provides plenty of room for parts to be tested, tools, etc.
  • Improved power-off process keeps spectrometer under vacuum and protects the turbomolecular pump.


User interface 21 cm (8.4 in) touch screen
Primary pump and pumping speed DS 40M Rotary Vane Pump, 2m3/hour (1.2 cfm)
Patented dual pump design for fast clean up and background suppression.
Sensitivity 5×10-12 mbar • L / s, 5×10-12 atm • cc / s, 5×10-13 Pa • m3 / s
Maximum Test Port Pressure 13 mbar (10 Torr, 1333 Pa)
200 mbar (150 Torr, 20000 Pa) in Gross Leak Mode
Calibration – Automatic internal and external
– Able to check calibration while in test
Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
Communication capabilities Analog output and Serial communications are standard. Optional discrete IO interface.
Available options Wireless remote (100 m), discrete IO interface, Harsh Environment Probe, automated test fixture.
Built-in application setup guides – Sniffing
– Spray Helium
– Auto Sequencer (programmable test cycle)
– High Sensitivity
– Split Flow
– PPM Sniffing



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