DS 40M Roughing Pump

DS 40M is a small roughing (foreline) pump of choice for GC MS instruments, designed for very low noise and low power consumption. This rotary vane pump features magnetic coupling that makes it oil-leak free.


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  • High pumping speed (15 m3/h, 250 L/min) and low ultimate pressure provide clean, dry vacuum
  • Long-life tip seals generally only need to be replaced on a yearly basis
  • Bearing purge port translates to simple maintenance and long bearing life
  • Automatic air ballast manages water vapor without reducing pumping speed


Free air displacement l/min (cfm) [m3h]) 50 Hz: 37 (1.3) [2.2]
60 Hz: 43 (1.5) [2.6]
Pumping speed* l/min (cfm) [m3h]) 50 Hz: 30 (1.1) [1.8]
60 Hz: 37 (1.3) [2.2]
Ultimate total pressure* Pa (torr)[mbar] 6.7X10-1 (5.0X10-3)[6.7X10-3]
Noise level dB(A) 50 Hz: 45
60 Hz: 46
Oil capacity max liters 0.37
Motor rating 1ph kW 50 Hz: 0.1
60 Hz: 0.1
Nominal rotation speed rpm 50 Hz: 2280
60 Hz: 3480
Weight Kg (lb) 9.3 (20.5)
Dimensions mm 120 (W)X 289 (L) X 203 (H)
Power cord included Yes 50 Hz: EU plug/ UK plug
60 Hz: US plug
Inlet flange 16KF DN
Exhaust flange 16KF DN
Certifications CE, cTUVus



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