Capillary Flow Technology

Agilent’s Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) are low thermal mass devices, oven mountable, and inert that uses flexible metal ferrules, to insure leak free connections. They allow GC and GC/MS operators to make reliable, leak-free, capillary connections. As part of the Inert Flow Path, they can be relied on in the most demanding application.

CFT devices increase flexibility of GC systems. Using a Backflush CFT device, the GC can be used to decrease amount of required sample preparation . The GC system with CFT can now keep heavy contaminants from your analytical column and detection system.

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  • Backflush - Significantly reduces injection-to-injection times and provides better data quality
  • Purged Ultimate Unions- Offers deactivated leak-free connections to reduce downtime and increase lab productivity.
  • Flow Splitters - Allows data to be collected on up to three detectors in one injection with easy deactivated connections.
  • Deans Switch - Facilitates heart-cutting by switching peaks to a second column of different stationary phase, and additional selectivity can provide better resolution of trace compounds in complex matrices.
  • GC x GC Flow Modulation - Provides comprehensive multidimensional chromatography, without the need for cryogen, providing a visualization of sample components for class determination.




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