Agilent 6475 triple quadrupole LC/MS

For routine quantitative analysis, the Agilent 6475 triple quadrupole LC/MS system is the next evolution in sensitive, rugged, robust mass spectrometer. The 6475 incorporates intelligent reflex, an automated sample reinjection function that intelligently ‘reflexes’ to specific analysis conditions providing immediate validation of results, further improving the speed of analysis and reducing operator involvement. Coupled with 6475, the latest revision of MassHunter Acquisition 12.0 enables data integrity consistent with the regulatory requirements as defined in 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11, a key requirement for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing customers.

The new Agilent 6475 triple quadrupole LC/MS is the latest evolution of the reliable LC/MS/MS workhorse customers trust the most. This sensitive, robust, and versatile triple quadrupole mass spectrometer employs several technological advantages like the superheated Agilent Jet Stream (AJS) ion source, curved and tapered collision cell, heated hyperbolic quadrupoles, and ± 20 kV high-energy dynode detector system. The 6475 LC/TQ also features instrument intelligence technologies such as early maintenance feedback, scheduled tune and check-tune, and intelligent secondary injection workflows. Through advanced hardware, required limits of detection for the analysis of pesticides, veterinary drugs, PFAS, nitrosamines, and other regulated methods can easily be achieved day in and day out. Coupled with sophisticated, yet easy to use onboard instrument intelligence, your lab can maximize uptime, maintain peak instrument performance, help anticipate maintenance events, and achieve confidence in your results.

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  • Multiple versatile and easy-to-configure ion sources including AJS, ESI, APCI, and MMI allow you to tackle any type of LC/MS analysis
  • Wide mass range allows the analysis of ions of various classes and sizes, from small molecules to multiply charged peptides
  • VacShield allows you to do front-end ion injector maintenance without breaking vacuum, drastically reducing routine maintenance from at least 6 hours to 30 minutes
  • Early maintenance feedback (EMF) provides instrument health and status reports by reporting actively monitored metrics so you can anticipate downtime or address an immediate issue
  • Intelligent Reflex ensures that results are within operational limits through active monitoring of sample carryover and samples above calibration range, adding additional blanks or reducing sample volume if one of these conditions is met
  • Fast screening workflow with Intelligent Reflex dramatically improves sample throughput with a shortened LC method for screening and a standard method for quantitation; if a target is detected during screening, the sample is reinjected using a standard quantitation method.
  • Built-in technical controls combined with procedural controls ensure the security of your data, control access, and facilitate compliance as defined by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, and similar national electronic record regulation


Thời gian làm sạch buồng va chạm ·       <1 ms
Kích thước (RộngxDàixCao) ·       47,5 cm x 77,3 cm x 84 cm
Độ nhạy IDL ·       < 3,5 fg Reserpine trên cột, < 3,5 ppt

·       Thông số IDL chỉ áp dụng với hệ LC/MS mới có dùng Agilent Jet Stream + cột checkout + LC 1290 Infinity II

Theo dõi tình trạng thiết bị ·       Hệ cảnh báo bảo trì sớm (EMF)
Nguồn ion hóa ·       ESI

·       AJS

·       APCI

·       MultiMode (ESI+APCI)

·       NanoESI

Tốc độ quét MRM ·       500 MRM transitions/s
Khoảng khối ·       m/z 5-3000
MRM Dwell Time tối thiểu ·       0,5 ms
Tốc độ chuyển cực ·       <25 ms
Độ phân giải Quad (FWHM) ·       Narrow = 0,4 Da

·       Unit = 0,7 Da

·       Wide = 1,2 Da

·       Widest = 2,5 Da

Tốc độ Scan ·       18700 Da/s



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