VWorks Automation Control Software

Agilent VWorks Automation Control software is a complete solution for driving the integration of laboratory automation throughout the discovery process.

With the VWorks software platform, you can integrate diverse devices such as robotics, liquid handlers, readers, and washers into one cohesive, integrated system that ensures maximum throughput and optimal resource utilization. An intuitive graphical user interface makes it easier for users to create and run protocols, connect and configure devices, and monitor progress. The scalable and dynamic platform can help reduce training costs, rapidly embrace new standards, and maximize productivity while expanding automation into a complex network of integrated devices.

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  • Meet changing requirements – Add and configure new devices using any programming language, and communicate with external Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS).
  • Execute multiple protocols simultaneously – Schedule and start a run while existing protocols are already running or start multiple protocols at a fixed time.
  • Remove bottlenecks to improve performance – Monitor a Gantt Chart for real time status of processes, plate instances, and devices.
  • Reduce operating costs – Use the Hit Pick Wizard to automate cherry picking based on an input work list, and capture plate replication and dilution data.
  • Comply with 21CFR Part 11 – VWorks includes technical tools to help you meet compliance requirments.
  • Simplify protocol writing – Group commonly repeated tasks into Group Macros.
  • Maximize walkaway time – Preload automatic recovery actions in response to nuisance errors in the error handling library.
  • Set time constraints – Improve performance for time-critical assays by specifying the interval and tolerance between dependent tasks.
  • Minimize delays – Use the Solid State Editor to recover from deadlocks and continue with the run especially in complex protocols.
  • Maintain consistency – Control the sequence of liquid-handling tasks so that each microplate is handled the same way, in the same sequence.
  • Find context-relevant help – Open help topic based on selection in software.
  • Streamline protocol writing – Write JavaScript in VWorks protocols intuitively using a pull-down menu of available variables.
  • Advanced looping – Set up and increment variables, plates, and quadrants in a loop intuitively.
  • Control protocols based on real-time data – Execute protocols based on dynamic data presented in real time.
  • Control protocols based on events - Reduce lag time and boost throughput by processing plates as soon as both plates and system resources become available.
  • True-device pooling – Increase reliability and walkaway time through intelligent routing of plate processing tasks to appropriate operating devices.
  • JavaScript engine – Customize task parameters, skip or repeat a task if certain conditions are met.




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