Seahorse XFe96 Analyze

Agilent Seahorse XFe96 Analyzers measure the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a 96-well plate format.

OCR and ECAR rates are key indicators of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis as well as ATP production rate. Together these measurements provide a systems-level view of cellular metabolic function in cultured cells and ex vivo samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • 96-well plate format accommodates many conditions in a single run, for flexible assay design, dose-response studies, and screening
  • Reports real-time metabolic rates in minutes, without sample extraction or labelling
  • Four-port injection system with automated mixing function, for detection of live-cell responses to substrates, inhibitors, and other compounds in real time
  • High-sensitivity analysis of as few as 5,000 cells per well using the custom 96-well plate
  • Precision-controlled heating tray, maintains 16–42°C temperatures (12–20°C above ambient conditions), for compatibility with a variety of sample types
  • Quickly determine dependency of cellular energy production on mitochondrial substrates
  • Generate a metabolic phenotype within one hour for fast data turnaround
  • Analyze 3D samples such as spheroids and islets
  • Wave software allows easy assay protocol creation and data analysis on your desktop PC and export to common spreadsheet and graphing programs