Multimode Inlet

The Multimode Inlet (MMI) increases analytical capability, allowing the ability to inject large volumes of sample and split away the solvent, dramatically increasing the sensitivity. Inject cool-temperature thermally labile compounds and then ramp temperatures quickly to transfer to the column.

The injection technique that is used for a method can be tailored to the compounds. Using the MMI the GC can meet current analytical needs and provides flexibility to meet future regulatory requirements.


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  • Large volume injection capabilities
  • Injection modes include hot and cold split and splitless, pulsed split and splitless, solvent vent, and direct inject mode
  • Agilent Turn Top inlet for easier maintenance
  • Temperature range of -160 ºC to 450 ºC
  • Agilent Solvent Elimination Calculator assists user in setting parameters for large-volume injection
  • Cooling options include air, liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide




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