ICP Expert Software for ICP-OES

Powerful ICP Expert Software for the 5800/5900 ICP-OES and 5110/5100 ICP-OES systems features a familiar worksheet interface, easy method development and software applets that include pre-set methods to simplify your analysis and save you time. The software also includes smart features that makes recommendations and solves problems before they happen, reducing the number of samples you have to remeasure and giving you more confidence in your results.

Be assured of your analysis and compliance for your electronic records under the 21 CFR 11 regulations with the optional SCM and SDA software applications designed to support your lab requirement with ease.

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  • Learn more about your samples using Agilent’s unique IntelliQuant feature capturing data from the entire wavelength range. IntelliQuant identifies spectral interferences and provides recommendations to ensure you get the right answers every time.
  • Track your instrument health the smart way. ICP Expert reduces unplanned downtime and maintenance costs with sensor feedback and utilization-based counters, that inform the user when maintenance is needed.
  • Smart algorithms that help take the guesswork out of method development and automate troubleshooting — including Fitted Background Correction (FBC), Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT), Inter Element Correction (IEC), IntelliQuant and Intelligent Rinse.
  • Screen your samples within seconds with IntelliQuant Screening. Ideal for method development assistance for unknown samples that can be transferred easily into a quantitative method, and trend analysis for batch samples measured routinely.
  • Prevent wasted time and the cost of troubleshooting with Neb Alert. This feature continuously monitors the nebulizer, alerting the user when a suspected blockage or leakage occurs.
  • Simple, flexible reporting with the OpenLab Intelligent Reporting enables users to configure reports to include only the data required.
  • Comprehensive and interactive Help and Learning Centre with contextual search functionality, assists users when facing the day-to-day challenges of instrument operation, with step by step instructions, tips and videos for maintenance and hardware setup.
  • Highlight unexpected results using Outlier Conditional Formatting (OFC). This feature allows users to quickly and easily apply one or more user-definable thresholds to their results flagging those that exceed a nominated range or don’t pass a test.
  • Begin running samples immediately with the pre-developed method templates that come standard with ICP Expert.
  • Achieve compliance with Spectroscopy Configuration Manager (SCM) for the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic records regulations (optional)




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