Biofuels & Alternative Energy

Accurately Measure Purity and Contamination with Confidence

Biofuels are produced from a wide range of source including corn, algae, cellulose and microorganism-produced methane – each offering many environmental advantages. However, purity can be a challenge and long-term storage of some fuels can promote biological growth and oxidative degradation. Using blended fuels in engines designed for petroleum-based diesel can also cause problems with injector pumps and other components.

ASTM and CEN standards define methods for determining biodiesel (% FAME) in diesel fuel. Likewise, stability concerns have prompted some industries to lower their biodiesel limits for fuel blends. To meet these varying requirements, you must reliably verify blend quality and biodiesel content.

Agilent provide innovative solutions to best handle these challenges – from the robust GC Biodiesel Analyzer to more compact, portable systems like the mobile 490 Micro GC Biogas Analyzer, the portable 4500 FTIR Analyzer and compact 5500 FTIR Analyzer ideally suited for field labs.

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