Agilent 2021 virtual food safety analysis symposium

Welcome to 2021 Virtual Food Safety Analysis Symposium

Whether you are interested in emerging research or regulatory developments, this virtual symposium will give you access to the latest analytical methodologies in solving today’s ever-growing food safety challenges.

Presentation Content

Pesticide Analysis

Fast analysis of pesticide residues in food samples using GC/MS/MS
Professor Amadeo Fernández-Alba
European Union Reference Laboratory for Pesticide Residues in Fruit & Vegetables (EURL-FV), Universidad de Almeria, Spain

A multi-platform screening approach for pesticides and food contaminants, featuring GC/MSD, GC/TQ, and GC/Q-TOF
Anastasia Andrianova, GC/MS Application Scientist, Agilent USA
Sofia Nieto, GC/MS Application Scientist, Agilent USA

Simultaneous quantitation of a wide panel of highly polar pesticides using novel polyvinyl alcohol column ion exchange
Marcus Chadha
LC/MS Applications Engineer, Agilent UK

LC/MS/MS workflow to determine over 500 pesticide residues in compliance with SANTE 12682/2019 guidelines
Peter Kornas
LC/MS Application Specialist, Agilent Germany

Analysis of pesticides in complex food matrices
Christian Klein, Ph.D., LC/Q-TOF Product Manager, Agilent USA
Karen E. Yannell, Ph.D., LC/MS Applications Scientist, Agilent USA

Sample Preparation

Matrix removal strategies for complex food samples
Tina Chambers
Sample Preparation Technical Specialist, Agilent USA

Optimized lipid removal for the analysis of 16 heavy polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon residues in pumpkin seed oil using the 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
Melissa Churley
GC/MS Application Scientist, Agilent USA

Misc Organic Contaminants
Routine and robust analysis of mycotoxins in food matrices using the innovative Ultivo Triple Quad LC/MS
Kyle Covert
LC/MS Application Scientist, Agilent USA
Multiresidue analysis of pesticides and PCBs pesticides in samples of high fat content
Dr Jim Garvey
Head of Food Chemistry at Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Kildare, Ireland
A tasty pairing: keeping meat products safe with the 6470BLC/TQ and comprehensive Veterinary Drug Workflow
Patrick Batoon
Product Manager Triple Quadrupole LC/MS, Agilent USA
Automated solutions for determining 3-MCPD and glycidyl fatty acid esters in edible oils and fats
Eva Walter
Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Finger lickin’ bad? optimized per and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) analysis in dairy, meat and seafood produce
Tarun Anumol
Director of Global Food and Environmental Markets, Wilmington, DE Agilent, USA
Analysis of food contact materials using GCMS and LCMS
David Weil
LC/MS Application Scientist, and Matt Curtis, GC/MS Application Scientist, Agilent USA

Inorganic Analysis

Analysis of nanoparticles in food by single particle ICP-MS
Janja Vidmar, and Katrin Loeschner
National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
Innovations in trace metals analysis for food testing labs
Andrew Brotherhood
Atomic Spectroscopy Application Engineer, Agilent UK

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