Value-Added Reseller

Value-Added Reseller

The Agilent OpenLab suite is market-leading software and a critical component for laboratories around the world. By joining Agilent’s Value-Added Reseller (VAR) program, you can couple your unique products and skills with our world-class OpenLab software suite. As a VAR partner, you sell both the Agilent OpenLab Software and your value-added software components and services to provide your customers an expanded solution. With Agilent’s unique open systems strategy and the proven quality of our solutions, you can be assured that your sales cycle is greatly shortened.


    • Increase marketing efficiency with co-marketing programs and support
    • Protect your R&D investment


Agilent OpenLAB Partner Program Brochure

This document describes the Agilent OpenLAB Partner Program and the three types of partners supported: VAR (Value Added Reseller), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and de