UV Dissolution Software

UV Dissolution Software

The Cary WinUV Dissolution Software supports both Agilent’s Multicell and Fiber Optic Online UV Dissolution Systems. The software generates accurate and reliable data and accommodates a wide variety of dissolution samples and methods. Analysts can easily customize final reports with a complete summary of the data acquisition using comparison and statistical evaluation tools, data tables and dissolution profiles.

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    • Integrate Cary WinUV Dissolution Software with a peristaltic or syringe pump, filter changer and 8000 Sampling Station for accurate preparation of samples and archival
    • Control apparatus features such as dosage delivery, automated sampling and vessel temperature monitoring
    • Create data processing and reports for samples taken offline using the UV dissolution manual program
    • Perform media change methods, capsule shell corrections and infinity spins required for various methods
    • Work with challenging spectra, including advanced UV capabilities, such as second derivative analysis, baseline correction and more
    • Meet requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


UV Dissolution Systems Brochure

Agilent online UV-Vis dissolution systems — your choice of solutions from a single provider — advancing dissolution automation

Agilent Practical Solutions Newsletter V19, Issue 2

Get relevant information on — and solutions for — dissolution testing.

Agilent Practical Solutions Newsletter

Get relevant information on — and solutions for — dissolution testing.

Practical Solutions Newsletter – Insert

Agilent dissolution Practical Solutions Newsletter volume 17, issue1

Practical Solutions Newsletter

Agilent dissolution Practical Solutions Newsletter volume 17, issue1


Agilent core services help control cost and increase productivity in your lab. Multi-vendor coverage extends the benefits to your non-Agilent instruments as well.

There is also an opportunity to gain a strategic advantage. Consider a total lab management solution suited to your unique requirements. Modules include education, asset management, instrument relocation, and lifecycle planning.

By modeling your business and providing lab intelligence for management decisions, we deliver:

  • Cost savings of 10% to 25% (avg.) through increased efficiencies
  • Greater productivity by reducing scientist involvement in administrative and service tasks
  • Cradle-to-grave asset management optimizes the entire equipment lifecycle

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