MicroLab FTIR Software

MicroLab FTIR Software

The MicroLab software reflects the design of the FTIR hardware – powerful, reliable, simple to use and focused on what you need – answers.

Agilent’s Microlab PC is a revolutionary software package for both routine and mobile use. The unique method driven approach guides users through all required steps to provide actionable answers with little to no training required. Agilent’s new Microlab Quant package expands the tested method driven approach to method development. Never before has it been so simple to create, evaluate and use a quantitative calibration curve for FTIR. Agilent brings the power of quantitation to the ease of use of MicroLab.

In addition to the method driven ease of use and robustness of the software, MicroLab can be integrated with Agilent’s Spectroscopy Configuration Manager and Database Administrator to give a path to 21 CFR 11 Compliance. The combination of these software platforms allows management of user access, e-signatures, e-records and other compliance features that are specific to Pharmaceutical and other regulatory environments.


    • Highly visual interface that uses pictures to guide users through sample introduction, analysis and clean-up.
    • Real-time analysis mode that allows user to see the spectrum before full data collection to ensure quality of data, and color-coded results to make data interpretation easy.
    • Straightforward diagnostics for instrument performance and data quality.
    • MicroLab Quant: Simple, guided methods development package for quantitative applications.
    • Simple push button operation of pre-loaded and pre-calibrated methods.
    • Advanced data handling using MicroLab Expert


ASTM D7806-12 for Biodiesel in Petroleum-based Diesel Fuel Oil

Agilent 4500, 5500, and Cary 630 spectrometers easily meet ASTM D7806-12 biodiesel analysis with excellent repeatability, calculating concentrations <1% and >30%.

Agilent MicroLab Quant Calibration Software: Measure Oil in Water using Method IP 426

We developed easy FTIR quantitative methods using MicroLab Quant interactive calibration and IP 426 for oil in water, comparing Beer’s law and least squares.

MicroLab Expert Software: increase your capabilities without increasing complexity

MicroLab Expert Software: increase your capabilities without increasing complexity.

Micro Lab Quant Software

MicroLab Quant is a powerful, intuitive tool for method development that guides the user through each step.

MicroLab FTIR Software 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Describes the key benefits of MicroLab FTIR software that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant including login secruity, and audit trail capabilty.

MicroLab FTIR Software

Contains the key features and benefits of MicroLab FTIR software and how it works with a Cary 630 FTIR for unknown material identification.

Support for Title 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliance: Agilent MicroLab Pharma

This whitepaper details how this Agilent product meets the requirements of the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and similar regulations in other countries.