Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis

Analysis of the constituents of hydrocarbon streams is critical for most QA/QC laboratories in the chemical and petrochemical industry as the existence of impurities directly impacts product quality and performance.

Most QA/QC laboratories depend upon standardized industry methods and approaches to ensure both agreement with their clients on product specifications and the quality of their results.

Agilent has more than 40 years of collaboration with ASTM International in the creation and management of standardized analysis procedures, and many have been developed on Agilent instruments including GC, LC, MS, FTIR and GC/MS technologies. We also continue to monitor emerging requirements and trends in order to introduce the new methods needed by the industry through this partnership.

Our portfolio features integrated workflow and automation solutions for enhanced efficiency, from sample preparation through analysis to report generation, that results in lower cost per sample.

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