Trung Tâm Ứng Dụng Tiên Tiến Indochina
Indochina Centre of Excelence (COE)  

Trung Tâm Ứng Dụng Tiên Tiến Indochina Indochina Centre of Excelence (COE)  

Advancing Testing and Research in Vietnam

The Indochina Center of Excellence (COE), a collaboration between Agilent Technologies and Redstar-CMS, is dedicated to enhancing testing and research in Vietnam. Focused on continuous improvement, the COE specializes in chromatographic analysis, training, and user support.


  • Research and Development: COE develops comprehensive solutions using Agilent chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments (GC-MS or MS/MS; LC-MS/MS; LC-QTOF…), focusing on challenging compounds and trends.
  • Training: Annually, COE organize 4-6 training courses on chromatography theory, sample preparation, and more, tailored to customer needs.
  • Instruments Demonstration: Customers can experience Agilent instruments at the COE Lab, boosting confidence in the solutions.
  • Consulting and Support: COE provides troubleshooting, method development, consumable recommendations, and maintenance support.
  • Collaboration: COE partners with universities and research institutes like Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, University of Science (VNUHCM); Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).

Facilities & Capabilities:

The COE Lab meets ISO 17025 standards and includes all Agilent chromatography and masspectrometry instruments, supported by a team of experienced chemists and scientists.

Let’s explore the Agilent application notes developed by Indochina COE: